A Catholic Schoolgirl’s Thoughts on Peacebuilding 1/infinity

No, just because I attended “the Academy of Our Lady of Peace” did not mean I thought peace was a simple thing or easily achievable, even as a teen.  Yes, I was and am grounded by the ethos of Catholic social teaching, but as is the case 99.9 % of the time, my undergrad years were a dose of reality.

Which is not to say that I was a realist by the time I got my BA, just that I’d been fed a steady diet of nuts and bolts on peacebuilding, to the point where the most ephemeral I can now get about “peace” is that it’s a journey, not a destination, and certainly not a definition-by-negation destination.

One of the most significant and yet overlooked influences on that worldview was the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, both predominantly counterinsurgency conflicts that began during my high school years.


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